Next Meeting

Wed. 21st February at 7:30pm

Skateraw Hall

Newtonhill Community Action Plan

Many thanks to everyone who completed the questionnaire either on paper or on-line. We have already used the results from that survey in our response to Aberdeenshire Council regarding the Main Issues Report and continue to apply your input when considering local issues. A summary of the responses to the questionnaire may be seen here.

The Community Action Plan has now been accepted and may be viewed here.

Cammachmore Community Action Plan

The Cammachmore Community Action Plan has been completed and adopted by the Community Council on 21 November 2012. The report of the community engagement consultation conducted in Cammachmore and Chapelton during 2012 is available to view here.

The need for the Deceleration lane on the A90 at the entrance to East Cammachmore has been raised with Aberdeenshire Council as they are currently in the process of compiling a report of upgrades and modifications for the A90 to be passed to Transport Scotland.

Cllr. Ian Mollison has contacted Transport Scotland about a path on the west side of the A90 to link with the pavement to the flyover and have agreed to consider the options. There is of course no guarantee that any physical work will result, but it is a step in the right direction.