Next Meeting

Wed. 21st February at 7:30pm

Skateraw Hall

North Kincardine Public Art Group

Next meeting − Tuesday 16th August at 7pm

Our artist, Anne Murray, has started to gather data for the Treasure Map and she will be in Portlethen for a meeting with us between 7 and 9pm on Tuesday 16th August in the CLD Pine/Larch room at Portlethen Academy.

At the meeting, Anne will also bring along some print samples so you can imagine what the finished map might look like. It would be great to see as many people as possible and to have some input from you all, whether you are a regular participant in the group or observing from afar. A public launch and “walk-shops” will take place in January and Anne will give you all the dates and information when we meet. In the meantime, if you would like to email Anne any information in advance of the meeting, please do so at and have a look at the blog Anne has started on and if you're on twitter:

Artist’s Brief

The Artist’s Brief is available for download here.
The Artist’s Scope of Work is available for download here.


The North Kincardine Public Art Master Plan was produced by Artist Rachel O’Neil in consultation with over a thousand local people.

The Master Plan was created as a result of a fifty day creative investigation into the area of North Kincardine during the summer of 2011. The aim was to create an outline work that presents the voices of over a thousand people of all ages speaking about the connection to where they live, its past, its present, and its future. This Master plan was commissioned by the North Kincardine Public Art Steering Group in conjunction with Aberdeenshire Council. As the Steering Group we are hoping that you read the master plan and then meet with us to share your thoughts on the ideas for the area that the Master Plan has created.

This may seem strange in these times of cut backs, but Aberdeenshire Council runs a scheme called ‘Percent for Art’ that is part of the Planning Gain process which enables access to a small fund set aside for use by local people for developing Public Art. We have the support of the Community Learning Officer – Lynn Buchan and the local Arts Development Officer – Marie Archer to help develop Public Art in the area but we need your input. We need to build up the steering group to represent a whole cross section of North Kincardine. (Banchory-Devenick, Cammachmore, Cookney, Findon, Muchalls, Newtonhill, & Portlethen)