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Wednesday 21st August
Skateraw Hall, Newtonhill

Current Topics

Garden Waste Collection

The collection of garden waste from the Bettridge Centre on Saturdays will be between 8am and 11.40am. This service runs from 1st April to 2nd November.

Please do not leave your garden waste at this location when the collection service is not there. This is fly-tipping and you may be prosecuted.

Street Lighting and Fault Reporting

You can now use the following link to report faults to Aberdeenshire Council:

Underpass under A92

We are working on providing a path between Newtonhill and Cammachmore under the A92. Read Report here.

Locality Plan

The Locality Plan describes the needs, hopes and aspirations for the communities living within the boundary of the Newtonhill, Muchalls and Cammachmore Community Council. It should be considered to be a living document that will be updated from time-to-time as the community grows and the environment changes. The aim of this document is to give a broad outline and a background that others may work from, to design detailed solutions that fit within the context of our three distinct communities.

The Community Council would like to encourage all residents of the community council area to include their own thoughts and aspirations. It is important to consider not only what changes we would like to see, but also what should not be changed. Make sure that your views are included.

The Locality Plan has now been adopted by the Community Council. It is proposed that the document will be updated as circumstances change. If you agree or disagree with what has already been written, then let us know.

Download the plan here.